Plain Healthcare Case Study

The Company

Plain Healthcare was a clinical decision support software company. I was Sales and Marketing Director there, working between 2005 and 2013, when the business was acquired by ACS.

It’s major brand was Odyssey TeleAssess, which was used for telephone triage by around 70% of the UK’s GP Out of Hours Services at the time. It was also used in Europe, The USA and Australia.

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The Brief

As Sales and Marketing Director, my objectives were clear:

  1. Expand UK market penetration and sales value for Odyssey TeleAsses.
  2. Research, test and launch new CDSS product variants.
  3. Expand the business overseas.


Over the 7.5 years I was driving the business, I led the rebranding of the company and brand identities, built and developed websites, gained extensive PR coverage, participated in clinical trade events, spoke at international and UK conferences, created user group meetings, developed and deployed online and offline advertising.

I grew distribution from 36% when I joined to over 70%. I sold products to the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Australia, the USA and Canada. We launched Odyssey Reception, Odyssey CareAssess into care homes and PathFinder RF to GP practices.

[Chris] has strong strategic and commercial experience and uses this to good effect at work. I also appreciate the advice and support I continue to receive from him.
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