TT-Matics Case Study

The Company

Established in 2009, TT-Matics are independent vehicle tracking specialists, based in Chelmsford, Essex. They provide fleet tracking solutions to businesses of all sizes, from companies with just one vehicle up to fleets of vans or trucks. Customers use TT-Matics to:

      • reduce costs;
      • improve productivity;
      • enhance customer service; and
      • improve staff safety and security

The Brief

TT-Matics approached Coyne Sales and Marketing in 2018. They needed more business leads, which had been sourced via a 3rd party but their effectiveness had waned.

Their website was out of date; it wasn’t mobile-responsive and lacked SSL security.


Initial activity in answer to the brief was a 3-phased approach to INBOUND MARKETING. This involved development of a new website, developing a social media presence (from scratch) and digital advertising, initially via GoogleAds, extending to Facebook 12 months later.

Advertising effectiveness was measured via Google Analytics site visitors, landing page conversions and leads generated.

Once the initial changes were made, activities were extended to include blog writing and content management. In addition, data has been sourced for email campaigns, graphic design and image work provided.

Also, through a major supplier, they got the opportunity to expand operations into the USA. I introduced them to a local International Trade Adviser from the DIT, who was able provide a grant to enable a US-version of their website to be developed.

Coyne.Marketing also developed a website for another business owned by the Reardons, TT Moto.                                    

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