Working with an extended, virtual team, the Coyne approach to digital marketing and online advertising starts with understanding our clients and their objectives. From this, a digital strategy and plan can be developed and most importantly, measured.

As all client businesses are different, we approach each digital marketing challenge uniquely. That way, we can focus on getting the right results, on-budget and on-time.

A full service digital marketing agency, for clients of all sizes, in all aspects of online marketing. These include SEO, website design and development, content management, social media and digital advertising. Also digital strategy and data management, CRM and email marketing.

Digital Marketing Institute 2015Importantly, as a results-focused internet marketing business, we always ensure that clients have full visibility of campaign or project results. This can be through a digital dashboard or regular reports to an agreed schedule. This presents potentially complex data in a straightforward manner. It improves client understanding and decision-making.

I’ve worked with digital marketing programmes since 2001. In 2015 I studied for and earned a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).


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Without the right plan in place, you risk blowing your budget without getting the results you require. With product, market and media understanding, I can guide you through the digital minefield.

A major challenge facing modern marketers is that of data. The sheer volume of it emanating from digital marketing channels. The more active you are online, the tougher the problem becomes.

I’ll help you make sense of it. We can bring all of your native digital advertising data together with your organic and web traffic data from Google Analytics. It’s not just for corporates; it works really well for SMEs that are active on the web. Saves you money and frees up a lot of expensive time.

The cornerstone of all digital marketing activity, SEO and SEM should be among the first things you do; arguably before website, advertising or social media development.

SEO is concerned with your organic page rank in search engines. SEM is utilising paid-for methods to build page rank and presence.

There are 3 broad steps to this; research, optimisation and reporting. 

With a clean, simple design; our sites generate web traffic, leads and business for all types of client.

All of our websites are responsive, delivering a rich user experience irrespective of the device used to view them or its screen size.

Pay per click (PPC) online advertising is an important digital marketing tool. Let me help you to navigate search, display and affiliate channels, Google, Facebook or the myriad of others. You’ll get value for money from well-targeted ad campaigns.

Media strategy sets the direction. Then we make your digital ads. After that, we buy the media on your behalf. Continuously, campaigns are tested and refined. You receive regular reports.

As your Content Managers, the Agency will build your brand identity and values online. Using a variety of content and channels, including photography, video, the written word, we’ll strengthen your presence. There will be new content creation as well as acquiring and curating non-original content. 

Content planning is a vital component of all digital marketing plans.

Let Coyne Sales and Marketing take over all or part of the activity in your social channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others. Adopting an appropriate tone of voice for your business and mixing marketing messages with social engagement, we’ll ensure we don’t alienate followers.

It’s not always about selling more though. Social media can work really well as a customer service channel, too. Ask for details.

Email marketing has evolved beyond spamming. Lead nurturing, customer loyalty and event management all benefit greatly from the professional use of email marketing. Keeping you legal with GDPR and data management laws elsewhere in the world, too, we use professional systems to manage this form of communication for clients. Ask about our results.

With multi-media communications and multiple channels available, it’s vital to use some form of CRM system to manage everything. Having used, deployed and configured CRM systems since the 1990s, I’m well-placed to help you make the most of your CRM systems or help you to choose a new one. Managed properly, they’re an important and cost effective digital marketing tool.