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Why is a Marketing Health Check Vital for All Businesses?

The Marketing Health Check from Coyne.Marketing enables you to review your marketing activity against expectation and best-practice. In doing so, it delivers an unbiased, external perspective of your business. This can help you to improve what you’re doing and get greater value for money from your marketing investment.

Marketing Health Check Scope

A Marketing Health Check is a top-level marketing audit; a review of your marketing plan, objectives, strategies and current activities. It’s based on responses to a set of key questions and evaluating your past activities. The objective is to determine what’s working and what’s not. Consequently this enables you to identify areas for improvement. Output is in the form of a two-page summary report.

The Coyne.Marketing Health Check is FREE for all businesses with an annual marketing spend of more than £12,000 per year.

Coyne Sales and Marketing also offer more in-depth Marketing Audits as paid-for consultancy projects. These provide more detailed reports and recommendations.

Value for Money

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Free Marketing Health Check

A Marketing Health Check from Coyne Sales and Marketing will help you pinpoint your marketing strengths and weaknesses. It will help you to make better decisions about where and how to invest your resources in the future.

Most large companies will utilise these techniques continuously but I find that small businesses often don’t. Maybe this is because they haven’t thought about it or maybe they fear it will be a costly exercise.

Getting the Basics Right

There are nine areas of marketing that are explored in the Marketing Health Check. Firstly, we look at Brand, Customers and Planning. The audit considers your brand values; how well they permeate your business and how they motivate your target market. How well do you understand your customers and what research do you have about them? Do you address customer journeys, customer churn and loyalty?

Delivering Excellence

Then there are issues of your marketing activity programmes. This covers online, offline and content strategies as well as measure-ability and effectiveness.  Are you communicating in the places and in the way that your market requires? Do prospects and customers engage with you? How do you know if your marketing activities are working or not?

Driving Force of the Business

Finally, the Marketing Health Check looks at business development and your marketing operations. How well marketing integrates with the rest of the business and dynamic and change-oriented your marketing is. How successful are you at attracting and holding on to customers? Do you launch new products regularly?

There are 100 questions in the Coyne Marketing Health Check. Once responses and information provided are evaluated, a two-page summary report is produced. This highlights your marketing strengths and weaknesses; it allows you to review your marketing effectiveness from an external perspective. From this you can make changes as appropriate, as you’ll be confident that you’ll be investing more efficiently, with focus on your marketing ROI.

Based in Great Dunmow, Essex, Coyne Sales and Marketing uses unrivalled commercial experience to support SMEs across East Anglia, the South East of England and Greater London. The focus is always on obtaining quantifiable step-changes for clients, to enable them to sell more at greater profitability.

This post originally appeared on 5th September 2017 in the Coyne Sales and Marketing website.




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