CRM for many is a systems issue. Yet it shouldn’t be. CRM systems are there to automate your services. CRM for me is about building the long term value of customers to your business.

So, while I can help you select, implement and use CRM systems, I prefer to take your business back to basics. How do you track and manage often complex customer relationships? Do your sales team know what customer support and finance have doing with their customers at all times? How do marketing use the data to best effect? And so on.

I’ve worked with many CRM systems at different client businesses, from to Oracle to Zoho CRM.

Most CRM ‘consultants’ are somehow linked to the sale or purchase of CRM systems, in other words a cost to your business. I provide vendor-neutral advice on product selection, implementation or configuration to your needs. Also I deliver training to give you a rapid return on your investment. 

To find out more about the Coyne.Marketing CRM services, set up an online video call or meeting at your offices.


Quotes are free. All costs are itemised, up-front and agreed before work commences. As are schedules, so you’ll know when you’ll get the finished result. What you see is what you get with Coyne.Marketing. All work is undertaken in the UK.

Talk to Coyne.Marketing if you want to get more value from your existing CRM system and processes. Or if you want to start managing customer relationships better. Coyne.Marketing can assure you of a real return on your investment. 

Ask for a free, no obligation quote and it’ll be competitive. Also,there are no nasty tie-ins or exit fees if you want to move elsewhere at some point in the future.

I’ll try not to baffle you with digital marketing or CRM jargon; I prefer plain English when communicating with clients. I’ll explain what we’re doing and why, so you understand the value of the work. 

Whatever the assignment, my philosophy is to start from the premise that it’s a commercial project, usually to help clients to sell more. So, you get a full service covering all required aspects of digital marketing and offline. 


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For more information and an idea of how I approach challenges, check out my LinkedIn profile or some of my blogs. The blogs all relate broadly to customer relationship management, customer experience and customer success:

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