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Digital Strategy and Data Management are fundamental to everything the Agency does. Without the right plan in place, you risk blowing your budget without getting the results you require. With product, market and media understanding, I can guide you through the digital minefield.

A major challenge facing modern marketers is that of data. The sheer volume of it emanating from digital marketing channels. The more active you are online, the tougher the problem becomes.

I’ll help you make sense of it. We can bring all of your native digital advertising data together with your organic and web traffic data from Google Analytics. It’s not just for corporates; it works really well for SMEs that are active on the web. Saves you money and frees up a lot of expensive time.

Digital Strategy and Data Management are closely related to other online marketing services. In particular:

  • Marketing Consultancy and vCMO;
  • Digital Advertising
  • SEO/SEM;
  • CRM;
  • Email Marketing; and
  • Data and Digital Strategy Inform Web Design

To find out more about the Coyne.Marketing digital strategy and data management services, set up an online video call or meeting at your offices.


Quotes are free. All costs are itemised, up-front and agreed before work commences. As are schedules, so you’ll know when you’ll get the finished result. What you see is what you get with Coyne.Marketing. All work is undertaken in the UK.

Whether taking a marketing consultancy service on a day rate, or as part of a longer term programme, prices are low. The do change, however, depending on the nature of the assignment. Ask for a free, no obligation quote and it’ll be competitive. And there are no nasty tie-ins or exit fees if you want to move elsewhere.

I’ll try not to baffle you with digital marketing jargon; I prefer plain English when communicating with clients. I’ll explain what we’re doing and why, so you understand the value of the work. We’ll try to adopt your style and tone of voice when communicating on your behalf, so it reflects how you want to be seen in your market.

Whatever the assignment, my philosophy is to start from the premise that it’s a commercial project, usually to help clients to sell more. So, you get a full service covering all aspects of digital marketing and offline. 


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For more information and an idea of how I approach challenges, check out some of my blogs. These all relate to digital marketing strategy and data management:

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