Email Marketing is still an extremely powerful digital marketing tool. Data protection laws around the world, such as GDPR in the UK and EU, have all but eliminated the worst of the spammers. But what’s left is arguably more potent.

Since the lockdowns and social distancing of 2020, email marketing and its associated database management have seen a revival.

We just need to be a bit smarter how we use it. If you have website visitors but lose them if they don’t contact you, talk to me about a remedy.

If you have a list of past contacts but don’t know what to do with it, contact me.

If you want to set up and promote some webinars but don’t know how to go about it, contact me. I’ve good, recent experience of this.

Data purchases from reputable suppliers can also open channels of communication.

Just don’t blast out emails without measuring what’s happening! Or understanding how it impacts on your website, or other campaigns. Incorporate re-marketing into your campaigns and your mailings will show improved ROI. Let me show you how.

Coyne.Marketing will help you with this vital task in digital marketing. Stand-alone mailings, lead nurturing, loyalty-building or anything else.

To find out more about the Coyne.Marketing email marketing capability and services, set up an online video call or meeting at your offices.


Quotes are free. All content management and creation costs are itemised, up-front and agreed before work commences. As are schedules, so you’ll know when you’ll get the finished result. What you see is what you get with Coyne.Marketing. All work is undertaken in the UK.

Content management and creation need not be expensive. Ask for a free, no obligation quote and it’ll be competitive.

Content management requires a continuous, long-term commitment to be effective. So, a  rolling monthly retainer usually works best, with regular reviews. And there are no nasty tie-ins or exit fees if you want to move elsewhere.

I’ll try not to baffle you with digital marketing jargon; I prefer plain English when communicating with clients. I’ll explain what we’re doing and why, so you understand the value of the work. We’ll try to adopt your style and tone of voice when writing content, so it reflects how you want to be seen in your market.

There are many cheap alternatives offshore, but don’t be fooled into thinking that anyone for whom English is not their first language can write for your business. Similarly those that write pretty words but pay no heed to the SEO considerations, are missing the point of content management.

My philosophy is to start from the premise that it’s a commercial project, usually to help clients to sell more. So we incorporate SEO requirements throughout, as well as making all of your content relevant to the target market, as you’d expect.

In addition, there are numerous other services available from a full-service agency, including website design, web hosting, online advertising, SEO/SEM and offline marketing.


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