10 Key Features a Tradesperson’s Website Must Have to be Effective

top 10 Key features for Tradesperson's website

What Should a Tradesperson’s Website Contain? Find out with this checklist guide for all trades. You’ve probably already got a tradesperson’s website but want it to deliver more business for you. Or maybe you’re starting from scratch; a new business venture and you’re looking for some advice. Check out the top 10 features that any […]

Target Market Persona: Paint Some Personality Into It

We're all different ... target market

Target Market Persona: Paint Some Personality Into It The target market persona is a fundamental building block of modern marketing. Is marketing a science or an art? A bit of both if you’re doing it properly, according to my experience and most writers. (See Brand Quarterly for a good exposition) Nowhere is this more evident […]


Custometrix Freelance Consultant | Interim Director and Manager An independent consultancy, Custometrix Ltd supplied marketing, sales, CRM and inside sales consultancy services, as well as interim management. Between 2000 and 2005, it had numerous clients including the following, below. INTERIM MANAGEMENT Caribaya Inc. was a multi-media contact centre based in Barbados. As interim CEO, my […]